Giveaway of 31 Days to a New You

Want to win my audio course, Losing Weight After Baby:  31 Days to a New You?

Just hop on over to Karen Ehman’s blog. She’s giving away a free audio course – just leave a comment on the post and a random winner will be chosen.

Karen is wonderful speaker and author.  You’ll love her weight loss Wednesday posts and books like The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized and A Life That Says Welcome.


It’s Not too Late – Start Losing Weight January 1st!

Okay, you’ve eaten your Christmas dinner, maybe more pie than you should have, and your pants are feeling (super) tight. 

It’s time to get it together in January.  I’d love to help you for 31 days straight to get in the right frame of mind for losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle. 

After all, most Americans will make a New Years resolution to eat healthy and exercise in 2010, but how many will actually succeed? 

Do you want to be among the success stories?

If so, I know you’ll love my audio course Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You.  Just listen 5 minutes a day in the month of January to get the results you want.  Learn more now.

Free Giveaway!

Hi friends – I wanted to let you know – I’ll be a guest on the Christian Work at Home Moms radio show Dec 17 at 11:00 am EST.  I’m excited about being a guest and want to give away a free audio course to a mom! 

Just leave a comment on this post with your name and make sure I can contact you by email or thru your blog if you win.  A winner will be chosen at random on Friday. 

And welcome to those visiting my blog who heard me on the radio show with Jill Hart and Diana Ennen.  I’m so glad to have you here!   

Below is a picture of my sweet baby Lucy at 2 months.  We love her and her crazy HAIR!  🙂

A Sale You Don’t Want to Miss!

Announcing a sale you won’t want to miss!

My audio course, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You is now only $9.95 !  You’ll receive a month’s worth of daily motivation and guidance to get the results you want – all for less than 10 bucks! 

I wanted to make the audio course affordable in the New Year, so I hope you will be able to try it out.  So many moms who have tried the audio course have reached their weight loss goals, and I want you to also! 

When you sign up (for only $9.95), you’ll receive a daily email beginning January 1st.  Just listen for 5 minutes a day and you’ll learn how you can enjoy more energy and a slimmer body in the New Year. 

This is a sale you don’t want to miss!  Your health is more important than anything else you can choose from a catalog 🙂

Happy shopping! 

The Little Voice In Your Head

In today’s audio message (Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You), I talk about what you say when you talk to yourself.


You know.  You’re talking to yourself all day long. 

  • “I can’t believe he did that!”
  • “I am so tired.”
  • “I look terrible in this shirt.”

Do any of these thoughts seem familiar?  It’s so important to “police” the things we say about our lives and ourselves.  If we are constantly negative, guess what?  That’s going to adversely effect our health and relationships.  Thankfully, on the flip side, if you are positive, that really boosts your health and relationships.

So today, try saying/thinking things like:

  • “I am so thankful for my children.”
  • “I am healthy and full of energy.”
  • “I am excited about my present and future.” 
  • “I can lose weight!”

Tell the little voice in your head to become your cheerleader!

Zip it Up! (or at least try to)

Here I am trying to zip up my pair of jeans.  These are not my “skinny” jeans but they are my next size down.  One ritual I recommend in my Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You is to try on a set of goal pants every week.  Once you can zip them up, celebrate!  You’ve got another pair of pants to wear – finally! 

Then work on your next pair of pants in the next size down.  Slowly but surely, you will enjoy the feeling of progress and in time, you’ll be zipping up your skinniest pair of jeans.

As for me, these jeans are a size 10.  My goal is my pre-pregnancy size 6.  Getting there…

P.S.  Does anyone else have a dark vertical line down their belly like me?  🙂

You Cannot Lose Weight Alone

When my husband talked with my parents about surprising me with an elaborate proposal, my mom said, “In a plan like this, you need many allies.” 

Well, like that, when you want to lose weight, you need many allies.  The most important allies are the ones living under your roof.  How can your husband and kids help you lose weight?  Hinder you?  

Today in my 31 Day audio course, I talk about “You Cannot Lose Weight Alone.”  One of the questions at the end is:

If you miss exercising for a week, would anyone know or care?  Who is your accountability partner? 

How would you answer that question?  For me, the answer is:

  1. My husband.  The exercise taskmaster.

Starting next month (January):

  1. My spin instructor.  She makes you feel incredibly guilty if you miss a spin class without a VALID excuse.
  2. My mom.  She’s my spin partner. 

Who’s got your back?  If someone doesn’t come to mind, figure out today who you want as your accountability partner and ask for their help.  Don’t delay because you cannot lose weight alone.