Back from Our Virginia Vacation

Hello friends!   We have returned from a week of vacation in beautiful, HOT Smithfield Virginia where my in-laws live.  My husband is the baby of 4 kids, so it’s quite a reunion when we all get together.

Here in San Diego, I’m wearing long sleeves and pants (it’s cool) but there…phew, we melted into a puddle!  It was the first time I ever saw baby Lucy sweat.  She had the rosiest cheeks and beads of sweat all over her face.  But being the trooper she is, she smiled through the whole thing.

We spent a lot of time in the swimming pool.  Lucy enjoyed her first swim and was styling – so cute!

I ate not-so-good…ice cream was a treat of choice in the heat.  My sis-in-laws homemade fudge-like brownies were incredible and my mom-in-laws blueberry cobbler – delicious!  Yes, I know this is a losing weight after baby blog, but these are some of the pleasures in life to indulge in (once in a while).

The good news is that I didn’t gain one pound.  I fully attribute it to the heat.  All the sweating paid off perhaps!


P90X – It’s almost over!

I’m happy to say the 90 days of P90X is almost over.  Not to say that it hasn’t been great.  The trainer Tony Horton has become our new friend.  My 3 year old daughter says, “I love that guy.  He’s sooo funny!”  Yes, it has certainly been nice to workout with someone who makes you laugh!

My husband has been a stellar P90X partner, and my kids haven’t been too bad either!  We have gotten to our goal weight and feel stronger than we did 90 days ago, so we are thrilled.  Now my body doesn’t look as ripped as those before and after shots of the P90X models, but I’m not going to ask for my money back.  🙂

My plan after P90X?  Create a new weekly routine of two days of exercise together with my hubby (probably p90X workouts) and then two days of exercise alone (spin bike, other DVDs, weight training).

Reward Yourself with a Bubble Bath

Okay I talked about hitting the bathtub in my last post when you are sore.  I’m here again to say – if you enjoy baths – make time to soak in a hot bubble bath this week. 

Whether you’re sore or stressed, a few minutes in the bathtub will work wonders.  You don’t have to leave your house.  It’s totally inexpensive and totally relaxing. 

When you slip underneath the bubbles, breathe deeply and forget about the things you’re worried about.  Instead just relax and think about a few things you are thankful for. 

Hope the picture above of my baby Lucy will be an inspiration to you – take time to pamper yourself!  A hot bath isn’t caloric and you won’t regret doing it the next day.  It’s a great reward when you’re losing weight after baby!  Now if we could just get a big ducky bathrobe like Lucy’s…

Back from Vacation, Back to Losing Weight!


Sorry to be gone from the blog for a few days…earlier this week, my husband and I enjoyed a getaway to a wonderful B & B in Julian, the Orchard Hill Country Inn.  I highly recommend it if you’re close to Julian.  The service and food were superb.  For breakfast, they served the most delicious quiche and the best apple smokewood bacon I have ever tasted. 

I did blow my Atkins diet though with a slice of apple caramel pecan pie.  I must admit I don’t regret it.  I decided to take a break and just eat what I wanted to during our getaway.  I tried not to eat big portions but did say yes to the pie, candied nuts and scones served at the B&B, apple cider, and the dark chocolate left on the pillow in our room.  Delish! 

After the getaway, we took our 2 older kids to Disneyland (the baby stayed with grandma) for 2 days.  So much fun!  I didn’t eat sugar, but I did eat carbs.  I am proud to say I was at Disneyland for 12 hours and we did not spend one dollar!  How did we do it?  First of all, we went 6 hours one day, and then 6 hours the next day.  We packed PB&Js, fruit, popcorn, and protein bars each time we went into the park. 

Now it’s back to losing weight mode!  I’m one pound up but have some new ammunition.  My husband just bought the P90X program on Craigslist and we started it today.  Bring it!  (as they say)  It’s an extreme home workout program that you do for 90 days.  I was a little leary of it (I’m not nearly as muscle bound as the people on the DVDs) but I feel great after doing one workout.  You can do it at your own pace, so it’s not as intimidating as I thought.  I think P90X will get these final 6 pounds off…we’ll see together!

Atkins: Down Days and Up Days

When you’re losing weight, diets are fun (at least you’re seeing results and you’ve got momentum!).  When the scale doesn’t move or worse – when it goes in the wrong direction – how do you feel?  Discouraged, frustrated, blaise, and of course, hungry!  🙂

Just so you know I’m normal, I am not losing weight every single day on my Atkins diet.  In fact, a few days ago I got really close to beating my husband to our goal (biggest loser challenge: who can lose 10 pounds first) but then I gained a pound the next day.  Ug! 

When you’re losing weight, you’ve got to keep a long term perspective.  The scale might go up one day but over a two week period, you might lose 3 pounds.  That’s a victory to celebrate!

Today I weighed in at 142 lbs.  Earlier this week, I got as low as 140.9 lbs, so of course when I saw the scale this morning, I sighed.  BUT last Saturday, I weighed 143.5 lbs so I am moving in the right direction! 

I must admit when the scale is moving downward, I feel optimistic.  Unfortunately the opposite is true as well.  I have to remind myself that as long as I’m moving in the right direction overall, it’s going to work out great!

Atkins is Working for Me!

I was looking at my blog posts dated Jan 2 and Jan 18.  I weighed in at 149 and 150 lbs.  I’ve been losing weight slowly by exercising 6 days a week and practicing portion control.  But I have been having too many treats, I must admit!  I’ve been hovering around 146/147 for awhile now. 

So this week, I decided to try Atkins for a short period of time.  It took me a long time to make this decision because I love my carbs from pasta, cereal, oatmeal, and of course those occasional cakes, chocolates and ice cream.  I knew if I was doing Atkins, I couldn’t cheat because that would really mess me up!  You can’t eat fat AND carbs without gaining some serious weight!

My husband had been encouraging me to do Atkins because I have lost weight with that successfully in the past, but I just wasn’t ready to give up my weekly splurge of ice cream or cake.  But this week, I decided to do Atkins for one month to see how much I can lose.

I started on Tuesday and I’m so excited to say it’s working wonderfully!  I’m surprised in fact how well it’s working for me.

  • Tuesday:  146 lbs
  • Wednesday: 145 lbs
  • Thursday: 144 lbs
  • Friday: 144 lbs
  • Saturday: 143.5 lbs

I can’t say these results are typical, but this is what I am experiencing.  I think my body needed a change and by skipping carbs, I’m burning fat, fat, fat!   

Tomorrow, I’ll give you a run down of what I’m eating.  I’m aiming for about 20-30 net carbs a day.

Controlling My Cheats

Well, I’ve been hovering between 147-150 lbs.  I must admit I have been allowing myself too many cheats.  Of course, when my husband points this out, I declare that I am not! 

Since I’m not gaining weight and losing a little (albeit a little), I’ve been allowing myself some treats.  For instance, I bought my grandmother a box of truffles, knowing full well that when I visited her, we would open the box and eat them together.  I think I must have had 5 truffles that day because I figured, “When else am I going to have the chance to eat truffles!” 

Then there’s the snacking with the kids.  If they sit down for graham crackers and milk, I have a few crackers too. 

Well, I know in my mind all these “little” things are stalling my weight loss.  I realized that most of my snacking was done in secret (foraging for anything sweet when my kids were napping and I was all alone in the kitchen).  Or when I saw a limited opportunity (like the truffles) and I jumped at it. 

So I decided this week to try something new – and it has totally worked!  I wrote down my allowances on little slips of paper:

  • Coffee drink
  • Dessert
  • Sun chips
  • 20 chocolate chips
  • Wild card

This is what I am allowed to cheat on during one week.  Just giving myself permission to eat these foods has helped me to control my desire for them!  Since I’m frugal, I save up my cheats and then try not to use them.  But I know if I need them, they are there and I like that feeling.  So far, in my first week of doing this, I only used 2 cards:  the dessert card (I had chocolate cake at a church banquet) and the sun chips one afternoon.

What do you like to eat?  Make yourself some cheat cards to use during the week.  Use moderation of course!  🙂  See how many cards you can leave unused and of course, stop eating treats if you do end up using all your cards.