Summer Giveaway from Beloved Mama

Want to win a free camouflage baby onesie for your “Major Miracle” or “Commander in Chief?”  My friend over at Beloved Mama is hosting a summer giveaway of my onesies so be sure to stop by her blog and enter to win! 

Thinking of these slogans in regard to weight loss…wouldn’t it be a “Major Miracle” to get your pre-baby body back or better?  To do so, you just need to be the “Commander in Chief” and tell your hands to put down those french fries and pick up a salad fork.  You can do it mom! 

If you need some gift inspiration to appreciate your husband this Sunday for Father’s Day, listen to my podcast about “What Your Husband Needs” this week.  You’ll learn what to give him that’s absolutely free and that for sure will be in his love language!


Now Available: Camouflage Baby Onesies

For months, I have wanted to design a camouflage onesie for baby boys and girls that said “MAJOR MIRACLE.”  I thought these would be so cute for anyone who’s had trouble having a baby like me, physical challenges, military families, and so many others who would say, “My baby is a miracle!” 

So I’m thrilled to announce the baby onesies are available on my website.  I also have them availabe in “COMMANDER IN CHIELF” which is sure to make you smile!  Please check it out and tell your friends about them.  The onesies make great baby gifts.  The models are my daughter and Tracy’s son (she was featured on my last podcast).   You can see Tracy’s son wearing his Major Miracle onesie in my previous post.