New Podcast is Up!

I’m so happy to say I have a new Losing Weight After Baby podcast up!  The episode is titled “Nine Months On, Seven Months Off.”  I can’t believe how time has flown since I last made a podcast.  Many of you have emailed about wanting new podcasts (thank you) so here you go!

The last few months, I’ve been working on edits for my book coming out in December, 31 Days to a Younger You plus caring for baby Lucy, speaking at events, etc.  But the real kicker for the podcast was that my husband computer died sending our podcast into a tailspin.  But we are back and functioning now.

Can I give you a peek into where the podcast is going?  I’ll be doing a few more Losing Weight After Baby podcasts but will be transitioning to a podcast that will be broader in scope covering topics such as:

  • weight loss
  • looking and feeling younger
  • getting closer to God and others
  • finding meaning in your work

I hope these are topics that will interest and inspire you to live your best life.  Motherhood is so special even with the sleepless nights and muffin top bellies (ours, not our babies!).  I want to help you enjoy every moment!


Podcast listener lost 60 pounds!


This was the highlight of my day…I received a great email from a Losing Weight After Baby podcast listener who wrote about her miscarriage and unhappiness about her weight.  She was at the highest weight of her life.  Understanding her need for change and encouragement, she sought out tools to help her and found my Losing Weight After Baby podcast.  She began with mini-goals.  Her the big audacious goal was to lose 50 pounds.  She knew this would help her be healthier in the future especially because she wanted to get pregnant again. 

Guess what?  She did it!  On the day her baby would have been due if she had not miscarried, she had achieved her goal and lost not 50 pounds – but 60 pounds! 

And now she’s pregnant! 

She wrote, “You had practical advice and were a positive influence in my decision to get physically active.   Thank you Arlene!”

You are so welcome…your email made my day.

Let’s all be encouraged that we can set mini-goals with a long-term goal in mind, just like this podcast listener!

From Size 14 to 8

podcast-iron-sign-135I’m excited about this week’s podcast titled, From Size 14 to 8.  I interview a friend from college, Debbie Woodford, who is a busy mother of four energetic and awesome kids.  She and her husband Keith have been working hard since the beginning of the year improving their health.  They have been eating healthier and exercising regularly.  Debbie’s husband lost 27 pounds and decreased his cholesterol level by 50 points.  Debbie has dropped 25 pounds and she completed her first Sprint Triathlon in May.  I was especially inspired by this because Debbie had never even swam much before this triathlon, showing that anything is possible if you believe you can do it! 

I know you’ll find the podcast inspiring too – enjoy!

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid the Camera

ar-and-ethan-blacks-beachI recently interviewd Chelle Stafford in a Losing Weight After Baby podcast where she shared that one of her biggest regrets was not taking anypictures of herself with the kids.  (That podcast is titled “How One Mom Lost 50 Pounds.”)  Since she was overweight, she didn’t want to see herself in pictures.  She wouldn’t let anyone take a picture of her.  Does that sound familiar?  Yet now, she wishes she had pictures with her kids so they would those concrete memories together.

So moms, it doesn’t matter if you are 100% happy with your body right now.  Take pictures with your kids and make sure you are in them too!

Here’s a photo tip if you feel camera shy:  put your kids in front of you, like you see me here with my son.  Kids can shield the areas we want to hide from the camera – ha! 

And remember, if you’re not happy with what you see, do something about it!  You can lose the weight just like Chelle Stafford did, and you’ll have the pictures to prove it!

Meeting Miss America

Here are my kids with Miss America 1998, Miss Nicole Johnson!  This was taken this week after we had dinner together.  She was visiting my hometown, speaking at a conference.  Yes, I am name dropping…I know royalty!  Believe it or not, Nicole and I were in the same graduating class at Regent University in 1998 before she became Miss America that same year. 

Nicole lives with Type 1 diabetes and she’s has been educating people about life with this serious disease for the last 10 years since becoming MIss America.  I’ll be talking with her in the future on my podcast about diabetes and pregnancy.  She had a healthy baby girl a few years ago.  When you hear what she went through, you’ll think your pregnancy was a breeze! 

Nicole is beautiful inside and out.  She’s a wonderful example of what is best in America.  She’s shown courage in the face of adversity and I was so honored to catch up with her.

No One is Staring at the Gym

It’s hard to feel confident about your body with those extra wiggles and jiggles that come with being a new mom.  And getting to the gym?  Yipes, that would mean people actually looking at you in workout clothes!

If you’ve ever struggled with body image and staring at your frame in the big mirrors at the gym, you need to listen to my last podcast with personal trainer Judy Walden.  Judy trains women at a spa and fitness center in San Diego.  She will help you overcome negative thoughts about going to the gym.  After listening, you will actually want to go! 

Rest assured…when you get up the nerve and finally figure out how to get to the gym with your baby’s schedule, no one will be staring at you.  No one is going to think, “Wow, what is she doing here?”  No, every other woman is too busy obsessing over what she looks like!  So relax.  No one is staring at you.  Let the gym be your personal retreat to do something for yourself.  And by getting healthier, you’ll be giving your family a gift that money can’t buy!

Winchell’s and Weight Watchers

You may wonder what Winchell’s has to do with Weight Watchers.  No, I’m not advocating a new “eat donuts and you’ll still lose weight” program!  But I would love for you to hear my funny friend, mother of 3 Wendy Griffith talk about her experience with Winchell’s and Weight Watchers.  Her insights will make you smile.  You’re not alone ladies in your desire to shed those pesky pregnancy pounds!

I interviewed Wendy this week on my podcast, Losing Weight After Baby.  It’s titled “Winchell’s and Weight Watchers.”  Click on archives and listen to it here

Today’s Action Step:  Listen to my podcast today!