Monday’s Weigh In

Yesterday’s scale:  140.4 lbs

Today’s scale: 141.3 lbs

Feb. 26 scale:  142 lbs

Well, I was disappointed that the scale didn’t read less today because I ate really well yesterday 🙂  My husband very kindly said this morning, “Oh, it’s probably just water weight.”  (Take note husbands, this is a good thing to say to your wife!)

Gotta just keep moving in the right direction.  My size 8 clothes are fitting a little looser, but can’t get comfortably into size 6 quite yet (my pre-pregnancy size).  Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated for this final 5 or so pounds.  I want to eat simple things like sun-dried tomato wheat thins, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and….

It’s also easy to say when you’ve got just a little weight to lose, “Oh, this is good enough.”  But the problem is, the majority of the clothes in my closet still don’t fit.  This is actually an advantage because it forces me to really work towards my pre-pregnancy weight. 

My husband’s birthday is mid-March, so I would love to lose a pound at least by then to offset eating his yummy ice cream birthday cake.   If you have any tips for losing those last five pounds, I’d love to hear them!


Atkins: Down Days and Up Days

When you’re losing weight, diets are fun (at least you’re seeing results and you’ve got momentum!).  When the scale doesn’t move or worse – when it goes in the wrong direction – how do you feel?  Discouraged, frustrated, blaise, and of course, hungry!  🙂

Just so you know I’m normal, I am not losing weight every single day on my Atkins diet.  In fact, a few days ago I got really close to beating my husband to our goal (biggest loser challenge: who can lose 10 pounds first) but then I gained a pound the next day.  Ug! 

When you’re losing weight, you’ve got to keep a long term perspective.  The scale might go up one day but over a two week period, you might lose 3 pounds.  That’s a victory to celebrate!

Today I weighed in at 142 lbs.  Earlier this week, I got as low as 140.9 lbs, so of course when I saw the scale this morning, I sighed.  BUT last Saturday, I weighed 143.5 lbs so I am moving in the right direction! 

I must admit when the scale is moving downward, I feel optimistic.  Unfortunately the opposite is true as well.  I have to remind myself that as long as I’m moving in the right direction overall, it’s going to work out great!