Wearing a Cesarean Support Garment

c section garment

No…this is not a picture of my post-baby body!  Not yet at least (you must think positive moms!)…

But it is a picture of a garment that I really love.  It’s made by Design Veronique and I heard about it from my ObGyn’s office.  This cesarean support garment is an FDA approved medical device, ideal for recovery after c-sections.  What does it do?  It provides support, stabilization and comfort. 

When I opened it up from the box, I thought, “Will I really wear this tight, corset-looking thing?  And how hard is it going to be to take this on and off to go to the bathroom?” 

The first time I tried to put it on, it was comical.  You want to order it a little tight so it will do its job.  But the very first day, I couldn’t quite zip it up.  I waited about 2 days for the swelling from the c-section to decrease and then tried again.  With my husband’s help, I could zip it up.  The next day, I could zip it by myself.

I have been wearing it all day for 3 days now.  I am amazed at how comfortable it is.  I actually prefer wearing it because it gives me back support and protects my incision site.  Plus it gives the appearance of being slimmer, so when I look in the mirror, I have hope. 

I highly recommend Design Veronique’s cesarean support garment.  I’ll keep you posted about how long I use it and its benefits.  Corsets…no.  Comfortable Design Veronique…yes!


2 Responses

  1. how has it been working? they look awgully uncomfortable!

  2. Yes, they look uncomfortable, but believe it or not, they are comfy to wear. I’m wearing one right now. I thought I’d give myself a break and skip wearing it one day. I was surprised to miss the support and my around my scar hurt more without it.

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